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Dos and Don'ts


DO educate yourself on D.R.E.S.S.

DO take it one day at a time.

DO create a community you can rely on. Ask for help.

DO work to physically regain your strength.

DO be positive.

Wake up with gratitude for a new day.

DO drink more water than you thought possible.

DO listen to upbeat music.

DO write down the medications and vitamins you took. (It becomes a blur.)

DO journal about your feelings and experiences.

DO organize your day.

Use a productivity planner.


DON'T listen to the news.

DON'T prioritize others' needs before your own.

DON'T stress that you can't sleep.

DON'T go back to work until you have your health back. Consider taking a leave of absence.

DON'T underestimate the gravity of the situation. Your organs are burning - it's serious.

DON'T assume symptoms will disappear on their own. Seek medical attention.

DON'T stress physical changes to your body - you will get better.

DON'T get a massage or take hot baths until your skin is healed and rid of rashes and hives.

DON'T expect to get better without prioritizing your recovery.

DON'T check work messages until you have planned your self care for the day.

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